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Setting up a knowledge base with DokuWiki


If you want to set up a knowledge base for all your information, links and quick info you need to have handy there is no easier way than DokuWiki.


The setup for DokuWiki is straight forward and besided PHP you don’t need anthing else. The good thing is this is a file based Wiki and you can move it if you ever change your host.
To install it follow the instructions on the DokuWiki website and once you are done with that move on to a new template.

Dokuwiki Screenshot
Default DokuWiki Theme


As a designer tho you might find the interface a little rough and not that well designed. Lucky for us there is a template that looks better and does the trick until you have the time to adjust some minor changes. It is called Argon and is based on the Argon Design System.

DokuWiki Theme Argon
DokuWiki with Argon Theme

Since April 2020 there is also an alternative Version with minor changes and improvements. Feel free to choose whichever template looks better to you.