networkQuality on macOS


macOS has a lot of great tools that are mostly command line apps. One of those tools is networkQuality. The description for networkQuality says the following:

networkQuality allows for measuring the different aspects of Network Quality, including:

  • Maximal capacity (often described as speed)
  • The responsiveness of the connection. Responsiveness measures the quality of your network by the number of roundtrips completed per minute (RPM) under working
    conditions. See https://support.apple.com/kb/HT212313
  • Other aspects of the connection that affect the quality of experience.``

For a quick testrun just use networkQuality -v and you will get a basic output for your interface.

user@host:~|⇒  networkQuality -v
==== SUMMARY ====
Uplink capacity: 28.136 Mbps (Accuracy: High)
Downlink capacity: 294.334 Mbps (Accuracy: High)
Responsiveness: Low (177 RPM) (Accuracy: High)
Idle Latency: 32.708 milliseconds (Accuracy: High)
Interface: en7
Uplink bytes transferred: 37.156 MB
Downlink bytes transferred: 363.248 MB
Uplink Flow count: 12
Downlink Flow count: 12
Start: 11.09.23, 17:36:58
End: 11.09.23, 17:37:09
OS Version: Version 13.5.2 (Build 22G91)

If you want to dive deeper here are some links with more in depth information: